A Moyes move may be painful for both parties….

Liverpool may not get the “Grande Marque” manager they were hoping for, but they could find the answer on their own doorstep – Everton’s David Moyes.

Moyes would be just the ticket for the Reds, but would they dare approach their neighbours and poach the solid and astute Scot? It wouldn’t be the first time someone has moved between the clubs, but it has all the makings of a Celtic-Rangers type feud if Moyes is approached.

Even former Anfield defender Steve Nicol – another professional ex-Liverpool man – has publicly championed Moyes’ cause, although press reports suggest that Manchester United have more than one eye on the Everton manager.

Liverpool have already been turned down by Brendan Rodgers of Swansea, Frank De Boer of Ajax and Didier Deschamps of Marseille. Roberto Martinez has been touted as a possibility, and although he has had a good season at Wigan, it is Wigan and  they finished 15th in the Premier. The media like him and yes, he’s done a good job, but he doesn’t have the experience that Champions League aspirants need. Fabio Cappello and Andre Villas-Boas  are also in the frame now and Kop regulars will be shivering at the possibility of either of those two turning up. The latest name to emerge is Louis Van Gaal as director of football – perhaps with a younger man in the coach seat? This suggests that someone like AVB of Norwich’s Paul Lambert is being  lined up.

What Liverpool should avoid is a return to the past. Fortunately, most of Dalglish’s contemporaries are all sitting in comfortable media positions, providing support for the club from behind a microphone. So the chance of another “boot room revival” is unlikely. But who will they turn to?

The truth is Martinez and Rodgers (and indeed Lambert) only came to the fore because they represent the best options in a somewhat diminished field.  But Liverpool will have a problem to attract one of the truly  big names of European football – next season will be their third in Champions League exile. They need to look across Stanley Park at Moyes.