This may be a familiar sight at Loftus Road this winter.

QPR’s team of expensive non-entities is going to get a shake up. Harry Redknapp, one of the last bastions of old-tyme football management, has rolled into Loftus Road and given the playing squad a short, sharp message. “You should be embarrassed by having just four points.”

Harry’s not wrong, for QPR have spent heavily, but what on? You can play Fantasy Football all you like, but it does not make you a good football manager – or owner. Money doesn’t buy everything. Mark Hughes signed virtually a whole team in the close season, but QPR’s team looks woefully inept – in defence and midfield as well as up front.

QPR have a past-his-sell-by-date frontman (not without ability) in Djibril Cisse, a man who would not win any prizes for his hairstyles. They have a number of yesterday’s men in Shaun Wright-Phillips, Andy Johnson, Kieron Dyer and Bobby Zamora, and they also have a Foreign Legion of hired guns from Morroco, Argentina, Spain, Brazil and Portugal. It all sounds very exotic, but frankly, they have been a shambles.

Hughes, a vastly over-rated manager, couldn’t mould a badly assembled combination together and I doubt that Redknapp will have much success until he is allowed to wheel and deal in the transfer window. Harry must be hoping that the situation doesn’t deteriorate further before then.

QPR’s owners are hoping for a quick reaction, and according to Harry, “they are fantastic people”. Actually, Tony Fernandes does seem like a decent, if somewhat naïve, fellow. He sacked Neil Warnock after four months in charge and now less than a year later, he’s done it again. It is remarkably similar to events up the road at Chelsea.

Redknapp, I hope will resist any move to take David Beckham to Loftus Road. The last thing QPR need is a 37 year-old dead-ball kicker. The only value would be in bringing him in for PR purposes and possibly, to join the coaching staff. But I sense Beckham is looking for one [last] opportunity to hog the limelight and feed his insatiable hunger for publicity. And let’s hope he doesn’t bring Joey Barton back – the Premier doesn’t need his type. That said, he would probably do well in the Championship next season – but then that’s not on Harry’s agenda…..yet.

*With apologies to Roxy Music, taken from Virginia Plain