It may be a hoax, but there’s a message in the Qatar Dream League

They may be the only spectators....if the Dream becomes reality
They may be the only spectators….if the Dream becomes reality

The Middle East is really trying to change the shape of football. Only two weeks ago, we heard how the FIFA World Cup may be switched to the winter months in order to make the 2022 Qatar competition viable. Actually, FIFA should have thought of this long ago – there’s a reason why these things don’t happen in this part of the world. What next? The Monsoon World Cup in Asia? Champions League final in the Antarctic?

Now, more worryingly, we have the possibility of Arab money influencing club football at the highest level. According to media reports, 24 European clubs have been offered huge inducements to play in a so-called, “Dream Football League” in the Gulf state of Qatar.

French website Cahiers du Football is claiming it is a planted spoof story. Let’s hope that this is a hoax, because if it ever gets off the very sandy ground, it will spell the end of the World Cup, European Championship and even the UEFA Champions League. In short, the very structure of top-flight football will be at risk.

The worrying thing is, football is crazy enough to accept such a concept.

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