Take the theatre approach for late-comers

There’s nothing more irritating – a game kicks off, you’re craning your neck to see the action and then the first batch of stragglers come marching in. You have to get out of your seat while the late-comers shuffle their way to their seats. It disrupts the spectator experience and is downright inconvenient. And it will invariably happen a couple of times each time the game kicks off, at the start and at half-time.

Too often, the late arrivals will also leave at half-time for a “must-have” drink, toilet break or even a cigarette. Then they arrive late for the second half and then, as the game peters out, they will leave before the end. They’ve seen a 75 minute game.

There’s also the stray tourists, an increasing breed at football in the capital, who are lost in translation and cannot find the correct row, or even block.

The solution is simple: football should adopt the approach taken by theatres and concert halls – entrance at the interval. If people realise they are going to be restricted to watching the game from beneath the stand on TV until the break, they may make better arrangements for arriving at the game.

Hard line? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely. Presumably, we all have the same kick-off time on our tickets?

And why we’re at it – no standing means no standing. Got it?

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