Game of the People Podcast: Food at football – forget it

microphoneFood at football matches hasn’t really come a long way, although those that remember the infamous Westlers burgers, served by vendors out of vats of boiling water, may disagree with that sentiment. Just go to any London club and see what they are offering. Better packaged – yes, better quality – scarcely. Higher prices – ridiculously so. A small bottle of water (cap off to remove potential use as a missile), £ 2.20. A carton of scorching hot, stale Safari Nuts – £3. Disgusting.

Listen to our first Game of the People podcast (around five minutes).



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  1. When Bradford Park Avenue came under new ownership the volunteers who had manned the tea shop for years were dismissed for want of up-dating the clubs image. New facilities looked impressive at the time but as it was a franchise a part of the clubs heart was lost. I sent a cup of tea for testing and the result just said “congratulations sir, your camel is pregnant.” Supporter protest has at least made the club reduce prices for food and drink to a more acceptable level and although I don’t generally partake in the food on offer, I am generally advised that it is quite good.

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