The football games time forgot

Computer games have long consigned the traditional board game to history, but before the concept of CGI Ronaldos and Rooneys, youngsters used their imagination to create the atmosphere of big-time football in their bedroom or living room. And we’re not talking Subbuteo here:

Here’s a few games that you may have forgotten…

Waddington’s Table Soccer

Table SoccerBasically, sophisticated tiddly winks. The players were, like Subbuteo, a little vulnerable to elbows and knees, but there was a high degree of skill involved in scoring with near post headers and the such-like. A poor-man’s alternative to Subbuteo, Waddington’s produced millions of these games – incredible, but true! The players, however, all looked like a plastic robot-cum-chrysalis.

Casdon Soccer

CasdonBobby Charlton is pictured playing this with a young lad. The footballers are hilarious, appearing to be playing in their underwear and sporting very camp gestures.


A board game that enabled you to manage a team through the divisions, into Europe and get relegated, all in a couple of hours. Endorsed by Alan Ball, it was absorbing stuff!


WembleyA classy board game if ever there was one. You worked your way through the FA Cup, added players to your team to give you a goal –or two – start. The only way Wrexham were going to win the competition!

Magnetic football

There were various versions of this type of game – you played with a long-armed magnet that was placed beneath the field and you controlled players on the pitch. Many a turned-over board was the result of a disputed decision!

Blow football

BlowThe game equivalent of rolled-up rags and jumpers for goalposts: a tube, two goals and plenty of puff.


A chunky, no-nonsense version of table football. Players stuck onto plastic blocks.

It’s a fair bet that nobody is going to get one of these games in their Christmas Stocking this year!

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