Our top 10 of 2015 – the most viewed stories on GOTP

1920s crowdBY POPULAR DEMAND, we’d like to remind our growing (audience +50% in 2015) of the stories that proved to be the most popular on Game of the People this past year. Thanks for your support!

Peter Bonetti and death in the afternoon England lost their World Cup crown on a hot afternoon in Mexico. Peter Bonetti was blamed, but was it really the fault of “The Cat” of Stamford Bridge? We don’t think so. Click here

The decline of hinterland football The Essex region of Thurrock was once a non-league hotbed. But recent years have not been so kind to the likes of Grays, Aveley, Tilbury, Thurrock and East Thurrock. We take a look at the Thames hinterland. Click here

How Albania was denied a hero Geri Shatku could have been lining up in Euro 2016 with Albania. The tragic story of a young keeper who was not allowed to fulfil his potential. Click here

Where did Tadcaster Albion come from? Just a goal kick from York, Tadcaster were going great guns in 2014-15. But where did they spring from? Click here

Taking the contrarian view- cult clubs There’s a number of clubs that defy the odds and have attracted a loyal following. We take a look at the likes of Dulwich, Clapton and Wealdstone. Click here

Whatever happened to Ockendon United? It’s not a club you would have heard of – unless you were brought up in the Thurrock village of South Ockendon. Click here

Burnley 1959-60 – A good year for claret Hard to believe today, but Burnley were one of the top clubs in the land in the late 1950s. Our tribute to the Turf Moor club just keeps on coming back as one of our top stories. Click here

Calling in on Ebbsfleet United A trip to one of non-league football’s “proper” stadiums. On a high speed train!~ Click here

The myth and legend of Charlie George A Highbury legend. But was he that good? Click here

Ladies football – an inside view from Chelsea’s Claire Rafferty We were fortunate to meet with Chelsea, England and GB defender Claire Rafferty. Click here

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  1. I would like to congratulate you Neil for a highly successful year with your Game of the People site. Well done on your awards with WordBall for 2015. From the most popular 10 articles that you have re published here the articles on Peter Bonetti and Claire Rafferty were a particularly enjoyable read. However, other articles that have not appeared in your top 10 that were my personal favourites were the fabulous detailed articles on the Leeds Championship side from 1973-74 from March, the article on the FA Cup Final of 1915 “When Football seemed unimportant”, from May – the great partnership of Bremner and Giles – players of their time, all of the material you have published surrounding FIFA and Blatter and last but not least a very recent one from December “Fair stood the wind for Hitchin”.

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