Association Day – July 30: Celebrating the heroes of World Cup 1966

1966_newsEngland’s World Cup win of 1966 should be remembered every year in the form of a one-day celebration of the greatest sporting achievement the country has ever seen.

July 30, 1966 was the day England beat West Germany 4-2 at Wembley. The nation has never come close to ever winning another important football competition.

Game of the People is proposing that July 30 should be a red letter day in the footballing calendar and celebrated accordingly.

This, we suggest, could be marked in a number of ways:

  • Each club that provided a member for the England 1966 squad should fly a flag (cross of St. George or a specially commissioned flag) for each player:
    e.g. Arsenal 1, Blackpool 2, Chelsea 1,Everton 1, Fulham 1, Leeds United 2, Leicester City 1, Liverpool 3, Manchester United 3, Sheffield Wednesday 1, Southampton 1, Tottenham 1, West Ham United 3, Wolverhampton Wanderers 1.
  • July 30 could be the official start to the new football season.
  • Cinemas could screen the World Cup Final 1966.
  • Pre-season friendlies could contribute to a 1966 Charitable Fund.
  • A statue of the entire team (as per the much-used photo) should be commissioned and placed in a prominent public space – not Wembley stadium, which is not easily accessible to the broader public.
  • A mural of 1966 could be commissioned and used to adorn Wembley stadium.

Game of the People believes that this unique moment in the nation’s sporting history has never been given the lasting recognition it deserves. With 2016 marking the 50th anniversary of this major feat, the time is right to honour the achievements of Sir Alf Ramsey and his team of England heroes.Badges (600x245) (75x25)

Game of the People


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