Thank you, Goalden Times


HERE at Game of the People Towers we are very proud of our latest awards. For the second year running, we have been named among the Goalden Times Wordball awards, winning an accolade for Contemporary Writing and also a Honourable Mention for another piece of work.

The two articles are listed below:

Brexit and the Premier: The Goldblum theory

THERE’S BEEN  a lot of scare-mongering about Brexit and what it means for every corner of society in the UK. As Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, “life, uh, finds a way” and that’s exactly what half of the country is telling itself this week as the UK finds itself more divided than at any time since the Civil Wars of the 17th century.

A short while ago, the Premier League said that the nation’s top football competition was one of the things that British people were truly proud of, along with the BBC and the Royal Family. Such nonsense! The fact is, the referendum will probably change the Premier quite dramatically in the long run and it is unlikely it will maintain its position at the top of the “big five”.

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Is it time for programme 2.0?

THERE was a time when I would feel like something was missing if I didn’t get a match programme when I went to a game. It was part of the matchday experience. I rarely feel like that today and that’s because I don’t need a programme anymore. A teamsheet, yes, but no more than that unless I need to get a flavour of the club that I haven’t already picked up from their website or social media.

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It’s always nice to be mentioned in despatches and Game of the People has been referenced in the national media, including BBC and SKY over the past 12 months. Furthermore, we have been quoted in EasyJet’s in-flight magazine, When Saturday Comes and in the media in continental Europe. Game of the People is also mentioned every Sunday in the non-league paper. Our hit rate has increased each year and in 2016 should show a 50% rise on 2015.

However, we truly appreciate being recognised in the prestigious Wordball awards. Thank you to Goalden Times and its team. We will do our best to make it a hat-trick next season!

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