The GOTP Year: March


ONE OF the best overseas trips we’ve undertaken was the weekend in Prague where we visited Bohemians.

For an authentic experience, Bohemians is an excellent location. Prague may be a chocolate-box city, but the “Kangaroos” are based in Vršovice, a district to the south-east of the centre, easily reachable by Prague’s excellent tram system. It’s not an area that tourists are likely to go, but as one Czech football fan once told me, “it’s where the real people are.”

When you think of Prague football, you invariably turn first to Sparta, then Slavia and Dukla. Some students of the game will associate Bohemians with Ireland, but that’s Bohemian, a team formed in 1890. Bohemians of Prague were formed in 1905, hence the date features strongly when describing the club. Bohemians 1905, with an average attendance of around 4,500 in 2015-16, are better supported than Dukla (2,500) and given their 5,000 Ďolíček stadium capacity, they are able to play against a vivid backdrop to a raucous soundtrack.

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