The GOTP Year: April


AS THE UEFA Champions League marked the 60th anniversary of its first final, Game of the People looked at how the competition proved to be the catalyst for the creation of Europe’s first super club.

Real Madrid and the UEFA Champions League are indelibly linked and always will be. Ten times winners of the competition – in its various guises – Real will, for the time being at least, hold a trump card over their national and international rivals, Barcelona.

The fact that half of those 10 victories were achieved before Barcelona had not allowed regional priorities to cloud their judgement says plenty about the determination of Real to become Europe’s first dominant force. It has as much to do with politics as it has with the game itself.

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At the same time, we also looked at how European football is becoming less and less competitive. The past five years have seen the creation of a European elite that is dominating not just domestic but also international competition. A cartel of enormously rich clubs has been formed, as evidenced by the Deloitte Football Money League which places this band of clubs very much at the forefront of the game: Real Madrid (1st); Barcelona (2nd); Manchester United (3rd); Paris St.Germain (4th); Bayern Munich (5th); Manchester City (6th); Arsenal (7th); Chelsea (8th); Liverpool (9th) and Juventus (10th).

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We also experienced the Copenhagen “new firm” derby at the Parken. Very colourful, very noisy and we were moving among Danish football royalty! To see the full story, click here

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