The GOTP Year: May

LIVERPOOL is a unique city – the Beatles, Bill Shankly, Echo & the Bunnymen (!) and Liverpool and Everton. GOTP was in Liverpool the night that the Reds played Sevilla in the Europa League final. An interesting experience.

Football fans are characteristically fickle, especially when you turn a winning position into a defeat in the space of a few minutes. Managers and players go from “hero to zero” almost instantly.

Liverpool, May 18, 2016. Those supporters who haven’t helped swell sleepy Basel to uncomfortable levels are taking up vantage points in the city to watch Liverpool take on Sevilla in the Europa League final. Around 9,000 of them headed for the Echo arena, where large screens would allow Liverpool fans to watch their heroes in action.

There was a buzz of expectation around the city. Red-shirts were seen early in the day, colours were being sold on street corners and the Liverpool Echo was full of coverage, with free posters urging the reds on. Liverpool is one of the few cities that still have news vendors selling the local newspaper. They are always good for a chat if you engage them on football. “This is a special city, pal,” said the friendly chap outside the arena. “And this is a special club. Anyone in any city will tell you the same about their city, but I’m not a scouser and I tell yer, this is a special place. The city, the club, it is in the fans’ blood. You’ve got your Arsenals and Chelseas in London, but Liverpool represents the city (he forgot about Everton), the club means so much – probably too much – to the fans.”

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