The GOTP Year: July

P1090540.JPGTHERE was no doubting what the highlight was in July 2016 for GOTP, the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow.

“There was something very unsettling about sitting in the conservatory of a luxury hotel and enjoying a hearty breakfast as you watched the centre of George Square, Glasgow prepare for the Homeless World Cup. Unsettling because the night before, I was a little unhappy that the water brought to my room was not sparkling and the tea was Earl Grey not English Breakfast, as requested. As I studied the impressive tableaux before me take shape, a voice in my ear said to me: “Get a life, for Christ’s sake”.

Seeing members of the 60-odd teams walking around Glasgow, taking “selfies” and enjoying some form of mild celebrity – Bulgaria and Hungary were clearly enjoying themselves – was a humbling experience for somebody who has enjoyed a relatively comfortable life compared to that endured by some of the young people taking part in the HWC 2016. Actually, humbling is probably not the word I was searching for – red-faced with shame is probably more appropriate after my remonstrations about beverages in my hotel room.”

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Another World Cup – 1966 – also dominated our thoughts in July, the 50th anniversary of England’s triumph. As GOTP watched the final in the company of like-minded people, we also asked why we continually fail.

To see the full story, click here

We also highlighted some of the wake-up calls that English football has received, but continually seems to ignore. Click here
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