The GOTP Year: August


WE WERE Switzerland-bound in August and we had a good experience in Bern, the sleepy Swiss capital and home of Young Boys.

“THERE’S a nice reminder that Bern once played host to the World Cup final. In 1954, “Das wunder von Bern” took place – West Germany beating the people’s favourites, Hungary – Ferenc Puskas and all. They’ve reconditioned the clock that stood in the Wankdorf Stadium on that memorable afternoon. “The wonder of Bern” is certainly more appropriate than “miracle” as we are talking football here and not about a heavenly body walking on a lake, but there is something magical about that story, as captured in the Disneyesque movie of the same name. And it all took place in charming and understated Bern.

For Wankdorf, read Stade de Suisse and for Fritz Walter, Bern football folk have Michael Frey and Yoric Ravet, members of the Young Boys team that fancies itself as possible title contenders in 2016-17. In 2015-16, they finished runners-up – admittedly by a 14-point margin – to Basel and qualified for the UEFA Champions League. It was their third consecutive decent campaign as they were second in 2014-15 and third in 2013-14. The problem that all Swiss clubs have is how to overcome the [relatively] mighty and monied Basel.”

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Our biggest hit was a look at the football experience in Britain – Dressing up in costumes, playing silly games.

“WE ALL like to think that football is more than just 22-28 young men kicking an object around an oblong field – if only because it elevates our interest beyond obsession to something that is more deep and meaningful!

Journalists fantasise, marketing and advertising folk commercialise, romantics eulogise and academics intellectualise the importance of the game. Most of all, the people running, playing and promoting football (is it a sport or merely an industry?) monetise it on a grand scale.”

To read the full story, click here

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