The GOTP Year: September

GOTP visited Soccerex for the second successive year and sat in on some interesting sessions. The globalisation of the game is an increasingly debated topic:

“THERE WAS a time when the only competition between football leagues was on the field of play – top teams from each country flexing their muscles against each other. That’s how success was measured. Today, football leagues are competing for the hearts and minds of people, along with their disposable income.  Words like “penetration”, “critical mass”, “marketplaces” and “exposure” are part of the dialogue of marketing people who are frantically selling football to the masses. It’s exciting, we are told.”

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Meanwhile, we travelled to Berlin to catch-up on Dynamo.

“WE hear a lot about the democracy of German football and its user-friendly ticket policies, but not everywhere is it cheap to watch the game in the home of the world champions. I paid no less than EUR 18 to watch a game in Regionalliga Nordost, which is below the three division main structure of Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and Liga 3 – effectively non-league football in Germany.

Admittedly, the game was between Berliner FC Dynamo and Wacker Nordhausen. You’ll recognise the first name listed there as Dynamo Berlin were the dominant force in East Germany before Die Mauer came down in 1989. Unfortunately, the club in its past guise was very unpopular during the old DDR years, playing in front of 8,000 people even though they were a constantly-winning team. This was largely because Dynamo had become the plaything of the Stasi (secret police) and its chief, the notorious Erich Mielke.”

To see the full story, click here

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