GAME OF THE PEOPLE is pleased to announce that in this week’s copy of the New European, we are featured in an article on the Mitropa Cup.

The two-page feature looks back at the inauguration of this ground-breaking competition which many see as the forerunner of the current UEFA Champions League.

The driving force being the Mitropa (an abbreviation of Mittel Europa, or central Europe), or to give it its full name – La Coupe de l’Europe Centralewas the head of the Austrian Football Association, Hugo Meisl, who could name the likes of Vittorio Pozzo, Italy’s World Cup winning coach, and Arsenal’s Herbert Chapman among his friends. It is not an exaggeration to say that Meisl was the most influential figure in European football in the first half of the 20th century. He was a child of the Habsburg Empire, born near Ostrava in Bohemia, Jewish, multi-lingual and between 1912-14, the coach of the Austria-Hungary team. Meisl was also instrumental in bringing professional football to Austria and later coached the legendary Wunderteam. His experiences during the First World War in Serbia helped form a belief that sport, and football in particular, could help develop unity between nations.

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