GOTP Data: Real are champion club, but Bayern win more

Photo: Themeplus CC BY-SA 2.0

WE MAY be in the middle of a period of Real Madrid dominance in the UEFA Champions League, but Bayern Munich have the best win rate in games among the continent’s elite clubs.

Bayern have won 50% of their UEFA Champions League games – group and two-legged knockout games only – over the past five years. Although Bayern draw fewer games than anyone, their defeat rate is also higher than Real, who have lost just five games in 28.

In the spirit of a European Super League, 10 clubs have been compiled based on their European records over the past five years, plus their status in European football: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, Paris St. Germain, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. If you extended that list beyond five years, other clubs would come into consideration.

In 2017-18, clashes in the group stage among the top 10 include Chelsea v Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund, Paris St Germain v Bayern Munich and Barcelona v Juventus.

  2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
Real Madrid Winners Winners SF Winners SF
Juventus Final R16 Final Group QF
Atletico Madrid SF Final QF Final
Barcelona QF QF Winners QF SF
Bayern Munich QF SF SF SF Winners
Borussia Dortmund QF R16 QF Final
Paris St. Germain QF QF QF QF QF
Manchester City R16 SF R16 R16 Group
Chelsea R16 R16 SF Group
Manchester United QF R16


Bayern had their worst UCL campaign since 2010-11 when they were eliminated in the last 16. Their record since then, which also includes a final in 2012, has been exemplary. Bayern’s record at home has been the main contributory factor, they have won eight of their 11 home games against the elite  over the past five years.

Similarly, Real Madrid’s home record has been the rock on which their Champions League success has been built. Among the top 10, nobody has managed to win at the Bernabeu since Barcelona triumphed 2-0 in 2010-11. Schalke did pull of a 4-3 win in 2014-15 in the round of 16, though.

Barcelona have only been beaten once at the Nou Camp, the 2013 semi-final defeat by Bayern Munich.

  P W D L Win rate Lose rate
Bayern Munich 22 11 2 9 50% 41%
Real Madrid 28 13 10 5 46.43% 18%
Barcelona 24 11 4 9 45.83% 21%
Juventus 18 7 6 5 38.89% 28%
Atletico Madrid 16 6 4 6 37.5% 38%
Borussia Dortmund 12 4 4 4 33.33% 33%
Paris St. Germain 18 5 6 7 27.78% 39%
Manchester City 20 4 4 12 20% 20%
Chelsea 10 1 4 5 10% 50%
Manchester United 4 0 2 2 0% 50%


These statistics prove very little, other than the extreme competitiveness among the very top clubs, but once thing is very clear – when English clubs come up against the best clubs, they invariably falter.

Only twice over the past five years have English clubs come through a tie against one of the top clubs. The opponents in each case were Paris St. Germain – Chelsea beating them in 2013-14 and Manchester City in 2015-16.




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