State of Play: Ipswich Town – Decline and Fall

IPSWICH Town have not fallen as far as the third tier of the English game since 1957, but unless something dramatic changes in the closing weeks of the season, the club looks set for relegation. The club’s owner, Marcus Evans, has publicly stated the drop into League One will not create massive financial problems and has tried to present a relatively relaxed profile to the public.

Many supporters feel that Ipswich Town has lacked significant investment down the years, despite Evans continuing to prop-up a club that is consistently unprofitable.

For anyone that remembers the glory days of Ipswich, when Bobby Robson managed a team that was the nearest thing to the Dutch “total football” concept in England, it is sad to see the club spiralling into decline.  Down the years, Ipswich Town was seen as a decent, community-orientated club, run by good people.

But while Ipswich was once considered to be part of a group that could compete on an intermittent basis in the Premier, they are now in danger of slipping out of view. Indeed, the club’s last set of accounts revealed that its wage bill represented 108% of turnover, implying that even sustaining Championship football may be a major challenge in the future.

Sadly, Ipswich, like a number of clubs, have been somewhat excluded by the Premier League era. With such a concentration of wealth among the truly big clubs, the days when a modest, well-run club that offers prudence, commitment and good values, appear to be over – the question is can those days return, and can Ipswich Town rise again?

To see GOTP’s report –  click State of Play Ipswich Town


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