TIFO Football video: The economic impact of the Corona Virus

GAME OF THE PEOPLE is delighted to have linked-up once more with TIFO Football in the production of a video on some of the possible affects of the Corona Virus on the world’s number one sport.

Football is the people’s game and its wealth, sustainability and support is underpinned by the mass gathering of spectators. Without the fans, the game cannot flourish and, even in this digital age, the value proposition of football is its broad global appeal, making it attractive to investors, benefactors, the media, sponsors and advertisers.

When something disrupts the routine of the world’s most popular sport, the impact goes way beyond supporters being disorientated. The Corona Virus, or Covid-19, has stopped football in its tracks, jeapordising the eco-system that feeds thousands of clubs, players and peripheral businesses.

The disruption may be temporary, but as well as domestic league and cup programmes and continental club competitions, the enforced suspension has already meant the cancellation of both the European Championship and the Olympic Games. The longer-term health of some football clubs could also be compromised.

If nothing else, this crisis should prompt a proper reassessment of the financial state of English and indeed, European football. The game is awash with cash, yet too many clubs are a missed pay day away from disaster. Better provisioning for adverse trading conditions – and not just relegation to a lower division – and a more realistic wage structure must surely be under consideration in the future if the current football structure is to be maintained.


To see the full video, click here

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