LaLiga sees UK as key market

LONDON’s Kings Cross district has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, comprising the major refurbishment of two mainline railway stations and the emergence of Granary Square and Coal Drop Yard close by. It’s a trendy neighbourhood now with social and business development that has seen technology-orientated companies introduce a decidedly upbeat vibe. Where better for Spain’s LaLiga to headquarter the drive for greater visibility in the UK?

They have opened an office in Pancras Square, a location that is usually bubbling with young, football-loving people from all corners of the world. Of course, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have plenty of fans in London and the UK. Indeed, a recent YouGov survey revealed that Barcelona are the most popular club among the cosmopolitan millennial generation and Real are not far behind. Judged by social media measures, these clubs both have more than 200 million social media followers.

Keegan Pierce, who oversees international development for LaLiga in UK and Ireland, says the UK is a key market for the ambitious Spanish league, not least because of the number of leading media companies, sponsors and broadcasters that have their base in London.

 “It’s the birthplace of the game and has a history of developing deep connections between clubs and fans. Our aim is to make LaLiga the most popular foreign league in the UK by delivering a complementary offering,” he says.

To see the full story, visit Off the Pitch


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