West Ham United: The next step

OUR latest State of Play report looks at West Ham United. This is a club with a very distinctive regional identity: the club of the cockneys, one that used to embody the spirit of the east end of London. A club that was popular among fans for being interesting to watch.

The game and society have changed and West Ham’s traditional home, the Boleyn Ground at Upton Park is no more. The London Stadium was supposed to be something of a rebirth for the club, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. In 2020-21, the club has flirted with the prospect of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, they may still do it, but most likely, they will be playing in the Europa League. West Ham, with their new-found support, should be making European football part of the agenda every year.

Read about the club’s last decade in State of Play.

2 thoughts on “West Ham United: The next step

  1. Re your West Ham thoughts, is it possible that with the toxic section of the West Ham support allowed back in, at the first sign of a struggle the pressure mounted on a not universally liked ownership and by definition management will cause a return to previous turmoil and underachievement?
    Enjoy your thoughts, although you do seem to be London centric, but the whole media is so you’re not unusual. Stay safe, best wishes Peter.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You may be right, but success has a funny way of deflecting discontent. We shall see. London-centric? Interesting. This report was all about West Ham, but GOTP goes way beyond London. I do live 35 miles from London and West Ham were my local club when I was growing up in Essex. Have a look at the site and you’ll see there’s more than London! Thanks all the same.

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