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A Danish hero

MY Father did not like football, he saw it as over-rated and over-hyped. But in 1992, just a few months before he retired from his job as a social club manager, he joined in the celebrations when Denmark became European champions. On the night that Denmark beat Germany […]

When gold came to Hvidovre

HVIDOVRE is a suburb of Copenhagen where a number of Danish TV programmes and films have been shot. It’s the sort of area that looks like many small towns that form part of greater Copenhagen – neat, uniform and well served from an infrastructure perspective. Hvidovre Stadion is […]

Farewell, Guld-Harald

Danish football has its legends. The Laudrups, Alan Simonsen, Peter Schmeichel, Morten Olsen and Preben Elkjaer are written into Denmark’s football folklore. But the man who was really Denmark’s first all-action hero was Harald Nielsen. In August this year, Denmark mourned the death of a player who not […]