GOTP Notepad: Across the confederations – Champions Leagues

IT IS easy to forget that Europe does not have a monopoly on Champions league competitions. Here’s the latest situation in the other confederations. Libertadores Cup The last 16 starts on August 8 and finishes towards the end of that month. There are six teams from Argentina, six from Brazil, two from Paraguay and one […]

Guest Slot: Why African football has flopped at the 2018 World Cup

IN 1977, Pelé predicted an African team would win the World Cup before the end of the 20th century. It was and remains a bold prediction: it wasn’t even until the following year that an African country, Tunisia, actually won a match at the tournament. Over the following decade, African football experienced a steady progression, […]

GOTP Notepad: Morocco and Nigeria to meet in African final

IT MAY be Africa’s second most important competition for national teams, but the African Nations Championship appears to have been quite low-key. The final takes place this weekend (February 4), with hosts Morocco facing Nigeria in Casablanca. Neither country has won it before, so there will be a new winner of a tournament that is […]

Pelé +17 – and no sign of an African champion

BACK in 1974, Pelé predicted an African world champion by the year 2000. That was a bold forecast but hopes of a FIFA World Cup winner from the continent seem as unlikely as ever. Football Benchmark’s latest paper, Can the African Lions meet expectations?, looks at the underperformance of Africa’s leading nations and points to […]