Kamamoto and Pak Doo-Ik: We can be heroes

IN A week in which Japan and North Korea have traded threats and insults, it is perhaps worth reminding ourselves of a couple of sporting heroes from these Asian countries. Kushige Kamamoto and Pak Doo-Ik are footballing legends in Japan and North Korea respectively. On April 15, Japanese football fans may raise a glass of Sake to a player that many still believe to be … Continue reading Kamamoto and Pak Doo-Ik: We can be heroes

The J-League and evolution

Japan were the first team to qualify for Brazil 2014, apart from the hosts of course. Reaching the World Cup finals is becoming a regular occurrence for Japan, it will be the fifth consecutive tournament they have taken part in, underlining that they are one of Asia’s top football nations. Japan’s love of the game was boosted by their co-hosting of the 2002 World Cup, … Continue reading The J-League and evolution

Pak Doo-Ik’s boys are world champions

Here’s a question for you all. Who are the unofficial world football champions? Spain?, Brazil?, Olympic champions Mexico?. No, the answer – which will surprise everyone – is North Korea. Yes, the land of Pak Doo-Ik (remember him?), the late Kim Jong-il and martial art taekwondo is also the home of the unofficial world champions. How on earth did that happen, you may ask. It … Continue reading Pak Doo-Ik’s boys are world champions