Women’s football – vulnerable in the post-crisis environment?

WOMEN’S professional football has been in the ascendancy over the past few years, certainly from the perspective of profile and public awareness. The prominent competitions such as the World Cup and European Championship have attracted mass media attention, while one-off events have seen big crowds attend local derbies in major stadiums. The coronavirus stopped football […]

WSL freebie worked, now test if the public will pay

CHELSEA and Tottenham opened their Women’s Super League (WSL) campaigns in front of 24,500 people at Stamford Bridge, although the game itself was best described as enjoyable but occasionally lack-lustre. Chelsea tried their best to create a carnival event in London SW6, employing performers on stilts, introducing some pyro and also installing a somewhat unnecessary […]

Fleet Street’s first lady…how Julie Welch broke the mould

BACK in the 1980s, a rather amusing TV series called Hold the Back Page, scripted by Stan Hey, told the story of a Fleet Street sportswriter (played by David Warner) who had moved from a broadsheet to a tabloid in order to make some money out of his profession. The series, which was critically panned […]

In England, there are still some people who care about internationals

THE reaction of some England women to being left out of the squad for Euro 2017 was interesting, mainly because it demonstrated that for some people, international football still has value and prestige. Complaining about omissions and suggesting that the manager has “favourites” is, to quote Monty Python, “stating the bleedin’ obvious”. All managers have […]