microphoneSeptember 25, 2014: Food at Football – forget it, or simplify it

Food at football matches hasn’t really come a long way, although those that remember the infamous Westlers burgers, served by vendors out of vats of boiling water, may disagree with that sentiment. Just go to any London club and see what they are offering. Better packaged – yes, better quality – scarcely. Higher prices – ridiculously so. A small bottle of water (cap off to remove potential use as a missile), £ 2.20. A carton of scorching hot, stale Safari Nuts – £3. Disgusting.
Click here to listen to this podcast. (About five minutes)





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    • First one on food is working fine 14,000 people have opened it. The second one has not been loaded yet. I will remove the text on the grounds as it is misleading. Food piece should work fine though. Thanks for your message.

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