English football’s “American Pie moment”

LET’S make this clear, this is not an article about judging who was guilty and who should have been punished for the events of May 1985 when 39 Juventus fans died at a dilapidated football stadium in Brussels. This is about the consequences of the Heysel Stadium disaster, what it did to English football and how it has helped shape English football today. It is … Continue reading English football’s “American Pie moment”

We are the Champions: 1985-86 – Liverpool

AFTER dominating the period from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, Liverpool at last won the coveted “double” with possibly their least impressive team from that period. However, credit was due to Liverpool for timing their run to the finish perfectly, remaining unbeaten in the last 12 games while their rivals slipped up. It was a season that saw various teams have their moment – … Continue reading We are the Champions: 1985-86 – Liverpool