Arsenal and Chelsea: Transition clubs taking a step forward

CHELSEA have fallen away from being title contenders in the past couple of seasons, but a new wave of investment and a bolder approach to blooding youngsters promises to revive the club as challengers to the new “big two”. The FA Cup semi-final victory against Manchester United, taking Chelsea to their third final in four […]

A playground of testosterone: Going to the football match 1970s-style

FOOTBALL is a sport built around nostalgia. We remember our heroes, draw comparisons between the past and today and don the rose-tinted glasses of experience to complain about contemporary trends and behaviours. Not everything was marvellous in the past, not everything is bad in the 21st century, but as we all become our parents and […]

Anti-racism in football is more than a hashtag – and must go beyond scratching the surface

FOOTBALL has always been full of hypocrisy, from self-appointed socialists living in gated communities and driving marque vehicles to clubs trying to position themselves as representatives of a surreal people’s republic that charges its members astronomical sums to be a part of the tribe. And they are quick to show they are embracing the latest […]

Football’s hallowed double – those that went missing

WHEN Arsenal won the double in 1970-71, it was the first time since Tottenham’s much heralded success of 1960-61. Everyone thought it was an astonishing achievement, yet it was only a decade after their North London rivals had swept up the major prizes. Prior to Bill Nicholson’s side won the double, you had to go […]

Club owners – the good, the bad, the prudent

WHY would anyone invest in football? Historically, the game has failed to provide even a modest return and often, the club owner has merely been the scapegoat for disappointed fans. Although football has changed and, at the highest level, clubs are making profits, owners are rarely appreciated and certainly not liked. The number of clubs […]

30 years? – Some teams have waited a lifetime

LIVERPOOL have been waiting 30 years for a league title but their fans have finally started to sing, “we’re gonna win the league”. They might even revive Ee Aye Addio and finally remove the psychological “years since…” day counter that’s hung above Anfield since 1990. Manchester United went through the same process between 1967 and […]

Chelsea complete a north London double, but the window has to be used wisely

WITH seven minutes remaining at the Emirates stadium, Chelsea must have been getting their chequebook ready for action, but two goals later, the shortcomings of the first hour of the game were brushed aside. Recent Chelsea performances have shown that they are very short of experienced talent. The energy and enthusiasm of their young players […]