The Wenger files open again

EACH SEASON, TV pundits sit and chin-stroke over another failed Arsenal title challenge. It has been happening for the past 13 years and the script is familiar beyond belief. Certainly for the last five years, Arsenal have been pursuing what Albert Einstein warned us about a long time ago: “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Every year, Arsenal look to have the tools to challenge for the title, despite the stubbornness of their manager and a reluctance to address a problem that has existed at the Emirates since the last decent striker, Robin … Continue reading The Wenger files open again

Is it fair to blame Arsene and his kind for England’s decline?

THIS weekend, Arsenal and Chelsea meet in what is sure to be another chapter in the simmering rivalry between the two London giants. Thankfully, there will be no tiresome Wenger v Mourinho debate to dominate the headlines, but Arsenal are celebrating 20 years of Le Professeur – the man that brought the club great success in his first 10 years in charge. Whatever your view on Wenger, you cannot deny that he brought a new dimension to British football. But the Premier League era characterised by Wenger, foreign ownership and free movement of players, has coincided with a dramatic erosion … Continue reading Is it fair to blame Arsene and his kind for England’s decline?