Prati, Serena and Villa’s Withe – how easy we forget some of Europe’s winners

THE death of Pierino Prati will have been met with appropriate sadness in Milan and Rome, but outside of Italy, there’s probably a lot of football fans who have never heard of him. He is part of a list of players who were on target in crucial games but their place in history has largely […]

We are the Champions: 1980-81- Aston Villa

SEVENTY-PLUS years had passed since Aston Villa had last won the Football League Championship, their six title triumphs ended in 1910. In the intervening decades, Villa had known despair at times, spending  two years in Division Three at the start of the 1970s. In 1975, under the ultra-disciplinarian, Ron Saunders, Villa returned to the top […]

Newcastle and Villa – will they bask in the sun again?

IF THERE’S two clubs that feel they should belong to a higher echelon, it is Newcastle United and Aston Villa. Sadly, apart from the odd exceptional performance, they are names that belong to the past – the challenge for both clubs is how they can retain a pivotal role in the future of English football. […]