A whale in the fishpond: Declining competitiveness in European football

IF the UEFA Champions League has a familiar look about it, most of Europe’s top football leagues are becoming even more predictable. Apart from the English Premier, which may deliver just about the most unexpected final outcome for many years, most of Europe’s leading competitions will be won by members of the footballing elite. Germany […]

Perhaps non-league is midfield for the middle-aged after all….

For years, non-league football clubs have spoken about the need to engage with youngsters and the desire to nurture young players. The future of a football club is the youth of today, we are told. But the message doesn’t get through that often. Just look at the average non-league crowd and at some clubs, there […]

A solution to the new Arsenal Stadium Mystery

Interesting news coming out of the Emirates Stadium this week was the over-stated “actual” attendances being declared at Arsenal’s fine stadium. In the eight years that Arsenal have been at their new home, seven have seen aeverage crowds rise above 60,000. Their last season at Highbury saw them draw 38,000 per game. It’s a remarkable […]

Counting the sea of humanity – attendances and their worth

How many people go to watch a cricket game at Lords or the Oval? What is the average attendance at rugby games? What about athletics? In all these sports, nobody cares too much about what the crowd figure is, although the amount they pay will obviously matter to their bank managers. Football has always been […]