Great Reputations: Slovan Bratislava 1969 – just a touch of irony

IN the late summer of 1968, Russian troops rolled into Czechoslovakia in response to the so-called “Prague Spring” that took place between January and August of that year. The Cold War was raging and the sight of tanks in the picturesque capital city raised fears that the world was on the brink of a global […]

GOTP Notepad: United’s path to the last 16

MANCHESTER UNITED are arguably in the best place they’ve been since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. The instability that has characterised the club since his departure would appear to be over and in Jose Mourinho, they have the ideal “transactional” manager who might not be aligned to the club’s past and traditions, but he’s […]

Liverpool get a reminder they are no longer “royalty”

In their pomp, Liverpool would have torn a team from Basel apart. Even a decade ago, the Swiss should not have posed a problem. Indeed, even today, you wouldn’t rank Basel that highly – on paper, that is. But their record deserves some examination, while Liverpool’s demands some explanation. Liverpool fans keep carrying around banners […]