The Donnelly factor

NON-LEAGUE football likes to think of itself as “one big family”, although the romantic idea of fans mingling and back-slapping is often just that. Only last season, I witnessed some rather ugly jostling as two sets of fans passed each other on their way out of the ground, and that was in the Southern League Premier Division. Not much chance of that happening at the … Continue reading The Donnelly factor

Don’t forget the Icarus tale

I RECENTLY saw Basingstoke Town play at Hitchin. I was as a little surprised to hear they had turned pro.  Basingstoke is a sizeable town of more than 100,000 people, which makes it comparable to a handful of Football League locations. You would assume there’s upside potential. In April this year, the club announced that it would be going “full-time” with effect from 2016-17 with … Continue reading Don’t forget the Icarus tale