Amid Boxing Day’s cobwebs…opportunity lingers

  BOXING DAY is a strange football occasion. People hand out greetings as if they haven’t seen each other for decades, talking about a single day’s eating and drinking to excess as if it was a once-in-a-lifetime event and men bring their wives to football for the one and only time in the season. It’s an odd ritual, especially when the previous game might have been just a few days earlier. And when kick-off times are altered, in this case, 1pm, everyone wanders around bleary-eyed and disorientated. “So this is what the ground looks like before 3pm?”. Boxing Day matches … Continue reading Amid Boxing Day’s cobwebs…opportunity lingers

The Secret Footballer becomes the Invisible Man

A drizzly, cold Boxing Day and a local derby between Hitchin Town and their near neighbours Arlesey Town. There were many reasons not to go: Cold Turkey ( and I don’t mean the Plastic Ono Band), TV, the Hobbit on DVD and after all, there was a whole weekend of possible football viewing to consider – if 22 mm of snow doesn’t play havoc with the fixtures. But oh yes, Arlesey have just appointed a new management team in the form of Nick Ironton and Dave Kitson. Yes, the very same Dave Kitson who was revealed as The Secret Footballer … Continue reading The Secret Footballer becomes the Invisible Man