English football’s eco-system – cause for concern

THE LACK of true democracy in English football, which has long adopted a “survival of the fittest” culture, is an imbalanced class system that is surely unsustainable. Although many people in the UK look at American sport’s structure and self-protectionism with some cynicism, we may have come to a stage where the governing bodies have to look at creative alternatives to introduce more competitiveness to … Continue reading English football’s eco-system – cause for concern

Brand-building with Mr. Muto

The globalisation of football is a fact of life. We watch multi-national teams that somehow manage to sign who they want regardless of any labour laws. The UK’s major clubs have been spreading their wings for years, embarking on money-spinning tours that enable, for example, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, to build their “brand” in Asia Pacific. Yet there have been only 23 players from China, … Continue reading Brand-building with Mr. Muto