Fog in the channel, continent cut off…

BRITAIN left the European Union on January 31, 2020 but the nation remained deeply divided. What the future holds for English football is anyone’s guess. The country’s top clubs have spent the past 20 years internationalising themselves; they epitomise globalisation, capitalism, financial imbalance and conspicuous consumerism. If some sectors of the country turned to Brexit […]

Soccer City: Brussels – at the heart of Europe, but not football

BRUSSELS, of course, is at the heart of any discussion around Brexit. It has become a reference point and scapegoat for decades for those wishing to blame the European Union for everything from the shape of carrots to the number of foreign footballers in Britain. From a sporting perspective, Brussels has long since moved off […]

Football Media Watch: Brexit – the blinkers are on

NATIONAL League club Boreham Wood scored a PR own goal this week with their somewhat bold message to Britain’s MPs, urging them to “do your duty” and vote down Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. The bizarre release, coming just days after Cardiff manager Neil Warnock made clear his views on the European Union, calls […]

Euro 2016: It helps to win the opener…but it’s not a Brexit situation

DÉJÀ VU or just bad luck? Amid the sound of police sirens, argy-bargy between two sets of fans, stand-offs and inappropriate goading of terrorists, England kicked off their Euro 2016 campaign with a draw against unfancied Russia. “Russia’s identity crisis could make them England’s ideal opponents”, said one report ahead of the game. For most […]

The real problem at the heart of the football and Brexit debate

FOOTBALL has often be used as a political tool, but it has now crept into the grand discussion over Britain’s membership of the European Union. It was inevitable, but what has been said so far is akin to scaremongering on the part of strategically-placed comments in the media by the government. Karren Brady, or to […]