Calling in on….Middlesbrough

We saw some exciting football at The Riverside stadium, eight goals, stirring action, a roaring crowd and some excellent players. But it wasn’t from a turgid 90 minutes between Middlesbrough and Brighton & Hove Albion. The action was almost 40 years old and was displayed on a big screen before a game that did little to entice more than 13,000 people to revisit the fine ground that is the Borough’s home ground. The game in question was from October 1974, when Middlesbrough were chasing- would you believe? – the Football League Championship. These were the days when players like Graeme … Continue reading Calling in on….Middlesbrough

Calling in on….Brighton & Hove Albion

One week ago, I purchased two tickets for Brighton’s home game with Burnley.  From that day, I received a string of emails, previewing the game, making special offers and updating me on events at the club. On the morning of the match, I received a letter from Oscar Garcia, Brighton’s new head coach. Now I have ghost-written enough letters and articles to know that Garcia didn’t pen this, but I was, nevertheless, impressed by this letter. This string of messages from Brighton wasn’t just another example of irritating mass marketing, it also underlined the ambition of the club and showed … Continue reading Calling in on….Brighton & Hove Albion

The Eagles and the Seagulls. Why?

It started in the mid-1970s, the feud between the Eagles and the Seagulls. Crystal Palace and Brighton, two underachieving clubs who felt they needed to invent a rivalry that has become quite bitter at times. The meeting of the two clubs in the semi-final of the Championship play-offs evokes a time when they were both desperate for recognition. There is a theory that Palace fans manufactured the hostility because they didn’t fancy squaring up to their real local rivals – Millwall. Who could blame them, especially as the period in question, the golden age of the “Millwall brick”, was when … Continue reading The Eagles and the Seagulls. Why?