Football’s peace and love competition

THE FINAL of  CONIFA’s World Football Cup may have been something of a damp squib (literally), settled in the unsatisfactory manner of the penalty shoot-out, but the occasion underlined the very warm feeling the tournament created among the many people who watched the games in and around London. There were glitches, notably the clumsy exit of the Isle of Man’s team from the competition, a … Continue reading Football’s peace and love competition

CONIFA comes to town

I HAD never met anyone from Tibet before, never heard of Abkhazia or Karpatalya, but the CONIFA World Football Cup can open your eyes and ears to the sights and sounds of a very different football perspective. It started with the arrival of the 16 teams in London when young players from Matabeleland and Tibet were unloading their equipment and trying to navigate the student … Continue reading CONIFA comes to town

The Matabeleland challenge

MOST people don’t know where Matabeleland is – it’s a name they may have heard over the years, but unless you have a decent knowledge of Africa, and in particular, Zimbabwe, you’re likely to struggle in putting a pin on the map. But Matabeleland’s football team is travelling to London at the end of May for the CONIFA World Cup, that’s an acronym for The … Continue reading The Matabeleland challenge