Lionel Messi won’t be going anywhere just yet

INCREASINGLY, it looks as though Lionel Messi won’t be moving to Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain or any other interested club for the time being. Messi is just too expensive to be signed by anyone. If La Liga’s support of Barcelona around the release terms of Messi’s contract remains, then a cool € 700 million will […]

The agitation game – why players throw tantrums to get that move

THIS has been something of an unsatisfactory summer for the reputation of footballers and their commitment to their contracts. A string of major players have made themselves the proverbial “pain in the arse” in order to push for a transfer, mostly when they are in mid-contract. The most recent example appears to be David Luiz, […]

Jorge, Pogba, Payet and Sky: Kiss the badge and then they fly

IT has been another week that has highlighted the mercenary nature of professional footballers and the true value of a contract – the agreement between employer and employee that seemingly binds the relationship for a given period. We have also been reminded of the manipulative approach adopted by the men behind the smoked glass windows […]