Non-League football’s time may have arrived

WITH nobody allowed near a Premier League turnstile and everyone being advised to adopt a simpler, more fulfilling life while they refrain from breathing the same air as their neighbour, non-league football may have a golden opportunity to win more friends and influence for folk. When a magazine like Monocle, a pretentious coffee table monthly […]

Football in the post-virus environment: Old habits disappearing?

FOOTBALL’s enforced absence may seem trivial compared to the losses and suffering endured by people at the sharp end of the pandemic, but the crisis has the potential to transform the industry and leave it compromised by a wave of economic destruction. If it was just about the financial damage, then the game undoubtedly has […]

Safe-distance football terracing – a post-virus solution?

JUST before the UK government locked down the nation and brought football to a close, I visited Salford City and indulged in something of a rare experience – standing on the terraces at a Football League game. Like many fans, I graduated from the crumbling terraces at my favourite club, Chelsea, and invested increasingly greater […]

Furlough furore shows Premier League clubs need to focus more on reputation

SOME FOOTBALL clubs claim to be closely aligned to their community and understand the state of the nation. Indeed, some pride themselves on being representative of their city or town. Sometimes, though, it is hard to believe clubs really know what they are doing and why they think they can make insensitive decisions and avoid […]