Systemic clubs – who would we save to preserve football?

SINCE the world locked down, there has been an upswing of interest in dystopian novels, films and radical theories from desert-dwelling hermits predicting the downfall of the human race from their caravans as they polish their weapons and count their tinned tomatoes. But what of the football industry? How is this going to look when […]

An hour in, I realised I had abandoned social distancing: A return to football

HOW great it was to return to a football stadium and watch a match. Admittedly, it was non-league football step three but regardless, being part of an event with 400 other people and watching live action was very stimulating. The club did all the necessary precautionary measures: temperature checks, sanitiser at the entrance, plenty of […]

Dortmund finances hit by CV-19 – more to come?

UNSURPRISINGLY, the coronavirus pandemic has hit some of Europe’s top clubs where it really hurts. Borussia Dortmund, one of the first to reveal their 2019-20 financials, made a € 44 million loss, largely due to reduced matchday income, lower levels of profitability around transfers and higher wages. BVB, whose share price has fallen by more […]

RB Leipzig v Atlético: One door closes, another opens

FOR the second night running, the Champions League delivered an intriguing tie that kept the stay-at-home crowd on the edge of their sofas and underlined the competition’s ability to thrill. Leipzig, the much-discussed product of corporate football, edged their way to the last four of the Champions League at the expense of a club that […]

What if the new-look UEFA Champions League proves popular… and lucrative?

UEFA will get their finale after all, albeit one that is crammed into a mini-tournament of the kind that belongs to the pre-corporatisation era. Although the eight-team format played in neutral Lisbon is a solution to a problem, in normal circumstances, having eight of the world’s best club sides in the vibrant Portuguese capital would […]

Women’s football – vulnerable in the post-crisis environment?

WOMEN’S professional football has been in the ascendancy over the past few years, certainly from the perspective of profile and public awareness. The prominent competitions such as the World Cup and European Championship have attracted mass media attention, while one-off events have seen big crowds attend local derbies in major stadiums. The coronavirus stopped football […]

The Premier League has two teams on the brink of greatness but needs a more even playing field

THE PREMIER LEAGUE, thankfully, has finished and the FA and the clubs must be breathing a collective sigh of relief. It has been a peculiar campaign, unprecedented in so many ways, but even without the disruption of the pandemic, it has not been a classic year. Liverpool fans, will, of course, claim it is the […]

Football’s almost home, but the family is still dysfunctional

IT’S HARD to get too excited about the resumption of big time football. Unless you are a die-hard fan of the participating clubs, watching a game that has all the ambience of a pre-match kick around (Arsenal’s Leno may disagree), really is unappetising. Of course, we know why they are taking place, to satisfy the […]