GOTP Country Special: The Netherlands

HERE AT GOTP Towers, we are big fans of the Dutch – Total Football, Cruyff, Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV. No surprise that we’ve written quite a few pieces on our friends from across the Channel. February 2015: Feyenoord – ‘cause Rotterdam is anywhere In the 1960s, a geography field trip (if you lived in Thurrock) was a trip to Tilbury docks to look at one of the biggest container ports in Europe. At the time, Tilbury was in competition with Rotterdam, which gave the Essex town a slightly continental element to it. But while Rotterdam was a city with a … Continue reading GOTP Country Special: The Netherlands

World Cup 2014: The people’s champions

Game of the People begins its build-up to the World Cup with a look at some of the teams that didn’t quite win the competition, despite their performance and billing. It’s not always the best team in the world that wins the World Cup. But it is invariably the team that negotiates the “tournament” that comes out on top. But in 2010, Spain were definitely the outstanding team in a poor World Cup. Brazil 2014 promises to be a good competition, played in one of the genuine homes of football. The crowds and the atmosphere should help carry the World … Continue reading World Cup 2014: The people’s champions

When players and tournaments left their mark – a hope for Euro 2012

Another major football tournament approaches and like the past half dozen or so – be it World Cup or European Championship – it is bound to disappoint. At the last one, World Cup 2010 in South Africa, we saw a Dutch side kick into touch the heritage of their forefathers. Holland, after all, gave us total football, but the “class of 2010” gave us total misery. It’s a shame, because so many of us who remember the golden age of Cruyff and co. were really hoping for a glimpse of something special. I spent much of the mid-1970s walking around … Continue reading When players and tournaments left their mark – a hope for Euro 2012