How to save football’s “bible”

THE LATEST edition of the yearbook that has forever been known as the “Rothmans” has reached its 50thanniversary, but how long will the doorstop of football data be around? The last two books have been backed by the tabloid newspaper, The Sun – an unlikely partner but nevertheless a welcome one. In 2018, it was revealed that the publication was in danger of ending, just … Continue reading How to save football’s “bible”

The stats show it – City are special

LOVE THEM or loathe them, Manchester City are demonstrating they are a cut above previous Premier League champions or should we say, champions-elect? Barring a catastrophe, City should win the title at a canter, and they are on target to break a number of records this season. Furthermore, they have to be one of the favourites to lift the UEFA Champions League, such is their … Continue reading The stats show it – City are special