Football’s experts and influencers – some of the people we listen to

ONE OF the big changes in the football business world has been the recognition that the most popular sport on the planet now carries far greater weight than ever before. Admittedly, the game is dismissed as being the most important of the unimportant things in life, but in terms of contribution to the economy, social […]

Italian football clubs still lagging the leaders

ONCE UPON a time, Italian clubs ruled Europe, not just on the pitch but also through their purchasing power, attendances and in players wages that attracted some of the world’s top stars. Serie A was the envy of most European leagues, notably in England where people became fascinated by the glitz, glamour and smoke bombs […]

PSG, Manchester City and the Champions League – the time of new money might be now

THE UEFA Champions League is due a new winner and this season, clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City will be hoping to join the elite band of European champions. The massive investments made in both clubs have been designed to lift the continent’s biggest club prize, but neither club has come close to winning […]

The Real number one: How the financial industry ranks football clubs

THE FOOTBALL industry has grown extraordinarily over the past 20 years. The rise of leagues like the Premier, La Liga and the Bundesliga, along with globalisation and intensive mass media has transformed a sport that, in the 1980s, was ailing. In addition, the game has expanded, with developing football markets such as China, India and […]

Club of the Month: Atlético Madrid – firmly among the elite

IF YOU’VE visited Madrid recently, you’ve no doubt flown over the gleaming new home of Atlético Madrid, the Wanda Metropolitano. It’s an impressive site, fashioned out of a stadium built in anticipation of the Spanish capital being awarded the Olympic Games. If Atléti play their cards right, they could be playing at home in the […]

The Premier really is leading the way when it comes to revenues

ONLY  three English Premier League clubs are not included in the latest Deloitte Football Money League top 30. The report, issued just this week, showed that the EPL is now dominating European football, although Real Madrid remains the number one club for the 11th consecutive year. It is hard to believe, but the likes of […]