Perth rejoices

They call Perth the “Fair City” and if you’ve waited 130 years for the local football team – St. Johnstone – to win a piece of silverware, it sounds like patience might also be one of its virtues. It is hard to believe that Perth is a city at all, because by modern definitions, it looks like the sort of market town you find dotted around northern Britain. But city it is – since 2012 – and right now, it’s probably one of the happiest cities around after the Saints beat Dundee United 2-0 in the Scottish Cup Final. Come … Continue reading Perth rejoices

Great Reputations: Dundee United 1982-83 – enter the “New Firm”

This year’s Scottish FA Cup final is between Dundee United and St.Johnstone. Not a hint of Celtic and Rangers. Just over 30 years ago, Dundee United won their only Scottish Premier title. It was in an era when, for the first time in years, the Glasgow duopoly was seriously challenged by what became known as “The New Firm” – Aberdeen and Dundee United. For many people, Scottish football had never been more interesting. But it didn’t last long and by the end of the 1980s, Rangers were changing the face of the Scottish game and even Celtic were struggling to … Continue reading Great Reputations: Dundee United 1982-83 – enter the “New Firm”