Arsenal – a great club in urgent need of direction

ARSENAL is a football institution suffering from bad karma and a deep malaise that includes dissatisfaction with ownership, poor team performances, disillusion with the manager, vocalised anger at some players and now, a disappointing set of financials. Nothing seems to be going right for the Gunners. Arsenal’s football club finances showed a loss for the […]

A boycott is needed for Arsenal fans to make their point

STAN KROENKE may not be every Arsenal fan’s idea of the perfect owner, but letters of complaint and stamping feet will probably not have much impact on the US businessman. Arsenal have almost become a typical US sports franchise, well run, nicely-housed, profitable, conservative and driven by the bottom line. Arsenal, in all reality, will […]

Unrest in the luxury suite at Arsenal

ALTHOUGH some people believe Arsenal’s current ownership structure has given the club an air of respectability and a reputation for restraint, there is no doubt it has contributed to the North London institution falling behind many of its peers. Rightly or wrongly, Arsenal, despite their undoubted financial strength and ability to generate huge revenues, have […]