Football Media Watch: A job for the right boy – Phil Neville’s new role

THE problem with successful people is they believe they are good at anything and everything. Thanks to the world’s over fascination with celebrity status and wealth, such individuals are indulged by the broader population, partly because deep down, everyone wants to be the golden boy or girl and also, because they also despise the rich […]

Tea – best drink of the day, not a diplomatic issue

LOOSEN-up Lioness fans, Alex Morgan was merely poking fun, not hurling an insult to a nation. Football is a game that provokes such gestures of mockery, cricket thrives on “sledging” and players lift t-shirts to reveal messages after they score. It’s a product for the masses, a simple game that has no halfway measures in […]

In England, there are still some people who care about internationals

THE reaction of some England women to being left out of the squad for Euro 2017 was interesting, mainly because it demonstrated that for some people, international football still has value and prestige. Complaining about omissions and suggesting that the manager has “favourites” is, to quote Monty Python, “stating the bleedin’ obvious”. All managers have […]