How English is your club, and is it important?

IN THIS globalised age, football clubs have strayed a little from their original roles as standard bearers for their home towns and cities. They are no longer uniquely British, they are worldwide sporting entities with fans across all continents.  With foreign ownership and players, overseas coaches and international financial backing, England’s football clubs belong to […]

All hyped up – the myths and legacy of Italia ‘90

WE ALL look to the influences of our childhood or formative years as being the “best of times”. The things that informed our thinking, philosophy, social position, relationships and work ethos act as benchmarks later in life. The exception is fashion, where we all cringe at what we used to wear, mainly because what was […]

Brazil, Chelsea and England 1970 – Why the perception of “iconic line-up” still misleads us

THE BBC recently published a story that highlighted how rarely some clubs’ iconic line-ups actually played together. It showed that football carries many myths in its rich heritage, but also confirmed that our perception of the component parts of great teams rarely takes into consideration injuries, suspensions, loss of form or just being “out of […]