Solskjær will become a victim of the barometer approach

OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJÆR’s job at Manchester United is under constant surveillance: by the media, by the fans and by the club’s owners and board. If you believe all you read, then OGS is just one more big defeat away from the sack. Every week that passes, the popular Norwegian’s future appears to hang by a […]

The Premier League has two teams on the brink of greatness but needs a more even playing field

THE PREMIER LEAGUE, thankfully, has finished and the FA and the clubs must be breathing a collective sigh of relief. It has been a peculiar campaign, unprecedented in so many ways, but even without the disruption of the pandemic, it has not been a classic year. Liverpool fans, will, of course, claim it is the […]

Crystal Palace aim to be liquid in a crisis

CRYSTAL PALACE, at long last, made public their financial performance for 2018-19 and underlined a relatively conservative approach to keeping their house in order. Palace, who are in their record-breaking seventh consecutive season in the top flight, made a pre-tax profit of £ 5.4 million on the back of best-ever revenues totalling £ 155.4 million. […]

Aston Villa, Leeds United, Liverpool, QPR, Wolves and five other would-be champions

THE STATISTICS suggest that Liverpool 2018-19 are the best-ever nearly men in English football history. Certainly, 97 points is a phenomenal record, but the figures only tell part of the story. Liverpool’s performances, the charisma of Jürgen Klopp and the attacking power of the team will forever be remembered, and not just by Reds’ fans. […]

Liverpool’s “run” is unimportant – on and off the pitch, they are on a roll

THERE was plenty of schadenfreude across social media, radio phone-ins and among football fans after Liverpool’s unbeaten run came to a stuttering end at, of all places, Watford. Within minutes of the final whistle, hordes of Arsenal (and maybe Preston North End!) keyboard warriors were reminding the Koppites that the Gunners’ last league title winning […]

Bury may be the first sad domino to fall

FOOTBALL in Bury now depends on the creation of a so-called “Phoenix Club” after the club was expelled from the English Football League. Bury is a relatively tiny club (average crowd 2018-19: 4,044), one that sprung-up when industrial Britain was creating the roots for the people’s game. Football enthusiasts have always known the basic keynote facts […]