All over Europe, football is dominated by the few

BACK IN the 1960s and early 1970s, English football fans would look at Scotland, Italy, Portugal and other European nations and laugh at “closed shop” leagues that were dominated year-in, year-out by just one or two clubs. English football, they said, was truly democratic and anyone could win the Football League title. In the period […]

Keep debate live: How to fill the pubs on football nights

Some pubs and clubs complain they are not getting the attendances they need on the nights when live TV games are screened. Given the cost of installing SKY TV or similar facilities at a pub can be prohibitive, you can hardly blame pub landlords getting twitchy, especially in an age when pubs are closing down […]

The Lazy Listicle: Five things that [slightly] irritate about modern footballers

We got religion Watch any player coming on as sub or entering the field of play for the first time. They cross themselves to imply they are calling on a greater power for assistance. Now some may really be devout, but some players’ general behaviour suggests they are far from virtuous. Just how genuine is […]

Europa’s weakness in depth is killing it for English clubs

If English Premier clubs are so good, why is it that so many of them struggle against supposedly inferior European sides? Most English clubs have not punched their weight in the Europa League over the past few years. This is partly due to an occasional reluctance to field a full-strength side – a baffling situation […]